Why Join

The American Legion Post 1111 was founded on mentoring, training, and being mission focused. We think differenly than your typical American Legion post as we are committed to supporting veterans, their families, and the community. We participate in community outreach programs that uphold the four pillars of The American Legion, as well as providing resources to assit the community in any way we are able. American Legion Post 1111 is unique because mentoring and training does not stop with just our organization. It is our job to bridge the gap and educate our community on how to better serve veterans and their families. We strive to reach the community by providing education on a variety of topics and resources. Educational services range from financial planning to the programs of The American Legion.

A second unique quality of Post 1111 is the leadership not only mentors one another, but they also mentor any member interested in a leadership position within The American Legion. Mentoring is vital for anyone considering a leadership role. Post 1111 wants to ensure its leaders up set up for success. Each month before every meeting a half-hour training session is conducted on a variety of topics.

Post 1111's Mission:

The Mission of American Legion Post 1111, Department of Michigan is to honor and serve by enhancing the lives of all veterans, military, and their families, both at home and abroad. For God and country, we advocate for veterans education for our citizens, mentor youth, promote patriotism, good citizenship, peace, security, and to adhere to the principles and purposes of the preamble of The American Legion.

Post 1111's VISION:

The Vision of American Legion Post 1111, Department of Michigan is to become the premiere Veterans Service Organization by providing support for our military, our veterans, and their families; by shaping a positive future, and atmosphere of fellowship, patriotism, peace, and security. A post of the 21st century, where training and mentoring future leaders within The American Legion and the community are vital to achieving success.

Post 1111's Motto

A Guiding Foundation shall serve as the motto of Post 1111. A Guiding (guiding meaning another word for mentor) foundation (foundation meaning training to build a foundation for the future). These are the two principle for which Post 1111 was founded.



Membership is open to men & women who have served federal active duty in the United States Armed Forces since December 7, 1941, and have been honorably discharged or are still serving. Please provide a valid DD214 form (or similar) as it is needed to verify eligibility. For more information about membership please contact the Post Adjutant at:


The Sons of The American Legion (SAL) is comprised of male descendants, adopted sons, and step sons of the American Legion members, or of deceased veterans who served in the United States Armed Forces during membership eligibility dates.

AUXILIARY MEMBERSHIP: (Seeking charter members)

The American Legion Auxiliary is open to mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, grand-daughters, or grandmothers of members of Ther American Legion, or of deceased veterans who served in the United States Armed Forces during membership eligibility dates.

RIDERS MEMBERSHIP: (Seeking charter members)

Membership in the Legion Riders is open to members of the Legion, Auxiliary, or S.A.L, in good standing. Members must own a motorcycle and must maintain an active membership within The American Legion family.


Some members may qualify to be members in multiple entities based on eligibility criteria.


We encourage post officers & members who simply want to expand thier knowledge about the nations largest Veterans Service Organization (VSO) to take the American Legion Basic Training Course.