2024 Meeting Schedule

3rd Monday of the month @ 7p

*All Meetings are open to the public

January 15 @ 7p via ZOOM

February 19 @ 7p via ZOOM

March 18 @ 7p via ZOOM

April 15 @ 7p via ZOOM

May 20 @ 7p IN-PERSON

Walker Ice & FItness Center

4152 Remembrance Rd NW, 

Walker, MI 49534

June 17 @ 7p via ZOOM

July 15 @ 7p via ZOOM

August 19 @ 7p IN-PERSON

Walker Ice & FItness Center

4152 Remembrance Rd NW, 

Walker, MI 49534

September 16 @ 7p via ZOOM

October 21 @ 7p via ZOOM

November 18 @ 7p IN-PERSON

Walker Ice & FItness Center

4152 Remembrance Rd NW, 

Walker, MI 49534

December 16 @ 7p via ZOOM

 Leonard gardens clubhouse

4524 Leonard St NW

Walker, MI 49534

2nd Tuesday of the month @ 6:30p

What is Department Annual Convention?

The Department Annual Convention is the annual meeting of the membership.  Constitution and By-law changes are proposed and voted on.  Awards are given out to teachers, police, firefighter, winners of programs, and Legionnaires for various accomplishments.  The delegates present hear the reports of officers from the previous membership year and elect new officers for the coming membership year.

The annual convention is generally held on the last full weekend of June.  Standing committees that are called-in to convention hold their meetings on Thursday and the last Department Executive Committee meeting is held.

Who can attend the Annual Convention?

The convention is open to all Legionnaires.  In order to vote on any of the motions that are presented the Legionnaire must be a delegate from their post and district. 

In March or April each year all post adjutants are sent forms letting them know how many delegates they are authorized and are asked to list those on the form.  Legionnaires speak to your post about being a delegate and let your district commander know so you can be assigned a committee to attend at the convention committees.

What happens at convention?

Convention committees, district caucuses, and zone caucuses are held on Friday morning. The convention officially opens Friday afternoon at a determined time.  (Usually about 2 or 3 p.m.)

On Saturday of convention the session opens in the morning for speeches, reports, and information.  Saturday afternoon are social events and sometimes a parade.

On Sunday, reports are finished and the election of officers is held.  At the close of convention the newly elected commander and department executive committee meet for the first time to conduct some business.

See the calendar for dates of future conventions.

What is Fall Confernce?

The Department Fall Conference is generally held the third or fourth weekend of September.  The conference opens on a Friday morning with department committees who received a call to attend.  This is the first time committees members have the opportunity to meet face to face and discuss the coming year programs.

On Saturday of the conference training classes are schedule through-out the day to train and instruct Legionnaires on different programs and positions.

All Legionnaires are welcome to attend the fall conference.  Check the September MI Legionnaire for a tentative line-up of instruction.

On Sunday of the conference, any remaining reports to the Department Executive Committee are read before adjourning.  The fall conference is the third meeting of the DEC for the year.

What is Winter Meeting?

The Department Winter Meeting is generally held in the month of February or March of the year. 

The purpose of the Winter Meeting for committees to meet and plan for the second half of the membership year. 

Generally the American Legion national commander will join us for the meeting and we hold a banquet on Friday evening. 

On Saturday, committees that are called in conduct their business and a Department Executive Meeting is held to receive reports.

Sunday morning the remaining reports are read to the DEC.