Post 1111 CommitteeS

Veteran Support Committee

The Veteran Support Committee is responsible for positioning Post 1111 as the 1st stop for Veteran Support in Walker, and surrounding areas. Support comes in a variety of ways from homelessness, rental deposits, car repairs, appliances, to employment support. Whatever the need is, it's not too great or small. Please contact Post 1111's Service Officer for assistance via our Contact Us page.

Training Committee

The Training Committee is here to help train and mentor officers and members of our post, along with members and officers of other any post. We also assist in making videos for Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Flag Etiquette. The committee also assists in the conducting Post Strategic Planning Meetings.

Community Involvement Committee

The community Involement Committee develops community partnerships that demonstrate the value of Post 1111. Estabilishing relationships within our community is vital to our success. This committee strives to get the community, along with veterans, invovled in the community through a variety of events.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for planning and executing funraiseers for Post 1111. In 2020 popcan/bottle collection drives successfully raised over $5,200.00 for the post.

We are now starting our Virtual Walk/Run event and will continue with the popcan/bottle collections. We are hoping to pair up with a restaurant for a fundraising event and other ideas that we are working on. The commitee is always open to suggestions and new ideas. We currently meet online with Zoom, and use email and text for information for the committee.